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What You Need to Know about Billionaires Boys Club

Pharrell Williams is an American singer-songwriter who has made the whole world happy with his songs. But his hip hop and R&B music is not just his contribution to pop culture. He is also responsible for the popular clothing line Billionaire Boys Club, which he has established with Nigo. The latter is a Japanese fashion designer who has created the clothing line Bape.

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Billionaire Boys Club is just a half of the partnership between Pharrell and Nigo. Aside from the clothing line, the two also came up with Ice Cream, which is a shoe line. Billionaire Boys Club line consists of T-shirts, polo shirts, jackets, pants, and shorts. Their items are made in very limited quantities and sold at a very high price.

The premium street wear brand was founded by Pharrell and Nigo in 2005 but had a rocky start due to Pharrell’s contract dispute with Reebok. The sports brand was set to release a clothing line along the Ice Cream line, but the project was postponed and only the sneakers were released on time.

In 2011, rapper Jay-Z became part of the Billionaire Boys Club family when he invested in the clothing line through a joint venture with Iconix. Then in 2012, the street wear brand recorded its best year in terms of sales. Billionaire Boys Club apparels were exclusively manufactured in Japan, but the clothing line is now made in various countries such as Mexico, China, Korea, and Canada.

Consumers need to go to SoHo, New Year to visit the Billionaire Boys Club’s flagship store. You can also find the clothing line in various stores across North America, the UK and rest of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

BBC is known for bold graphic design and bright styling that are often found in Japanese fashion. It is not a secret how much Pharrell love Japan, and this is evident in the designs. They even released a Tokyo Capsule Collection in 2012 that featured a special Billionaire Boys Club astronaut logo and TYO printed on the items. The line was sold exclusively in Tokyo.

A decade after it was launched, the BBC continues to receive praises for its new clothing lines. Some of the top sellers include the Neon L/S Shirt, Spring Shadow B T-Shirt, BBC Bloom T-Shirt, Small Arch Logo Sweatshorts, Deer Landing, Script Flip T-Shirt, Multi-Logo L/S Shirt, and Helmet Emblem Chino Shorts, just to name a few.

When you buy something from Billionaire Boys Club, you’ll get fashionable street wear item that’s worth every cent you have paid for it. Their style remains fresh season after season, and that’s a testament to the dedication that the company’s designers have in delivering only the best for consumers.

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