Primitive Apparel

The Primitive line of apparel is quickly rising to the top of the clothing brand popularity list with young people. Primitive apparel offers many different types of jackets, hoodies, long sleeve shirts, t-shirts and hats, which appeal to a large majority of the younger population. The brand originally began in California, but has quickly spread across the rest of the United States. This brand is currently under Moose Limited, in association with huge brands such as Nixon, kidrobot and OBEY. With such a large selection of different clothing items and accessories, there is a large variety of apparel to choose from, making the Primitive brand a large competitor in the clothing market.


Primitive currently offers many different types of hats for consumers to choose from. Ranging from snap-backs to trucker hats, these hats are offered in a variety of colors, with a variety of different styles of logos on the front. Wearing one of these hats is quickly becoming a status symbol, drawing in even more popularity across the United States.


Primitive offers a variety of different hoodies, with their Balance Pullover hoodie being the most popular. This particular hoodie has been selling quite well since it was released. In addition to the balance pullover, Primitive also offers a variety of colors with their “Primitive Signature Script” Pullover Hoodie, which is also increasingly popular with the younger consumers.

Long-Sleeve Shirts

There are a couple different types of long sleeved shirts that Primitive offers. The first type of long sleeved shirt is a simple design with a crewneck. The most popular long sleeved shirt that Primitive offers features a bear on the front, and comes in a variety of different colors for the consumer to choose from. The long sleeved shirts are made in a sweat-shirt style, with baggy sleeves to allow the wearer to move easily.

With so many different types of apparel and accessories to choose from, it’s not hard to see why Primitive is rising so quickly to the top of the clothing market. In addition to the younger crowd that likes the brand of clothing, there are also a number of older people that have been seen sporting the Primitive brand name on their clothes. There are many plans to release new lines of Primitive clothing in the future in a variety of styles and colors that can be found at MLTD. Get your order ready and get 20% discounted when you use a special Moose Limited promo code when your about to order. Enjoy the new styles and releases by Primitive, so don’t miss out on the new line of clothing!

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